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Rules Last Updated: 2008-03-27 17:29:13 
  • The League Coordinator/Tournament Director is empowered to take all measures necessary to ensure the safety and fairness of play.
  • Current USA Volleyball rules for outdoor play are used except where noted.
  • No substitutions are permitted during games. Injured players will be permitted a five (5) minute recovery time; the team may use its available time-outs. If the team has no remaining time-outs, the opponents are awarded one (1) point for each one (1) minute increment necessary for recovery of the injured player.
  • Teams change sides when reaching multiples of five (5) points in fifteen (15) point games, four (4) points in eleven (11) point games, seven (7) points in twenty-one (21) point games, or ten (10) points in 25 point games.
  • Teams have two (2) time-outs of one (1) minute duration each per game.
  • Teams have four (4) sand time-outs of fifteen (15) second duration each per game.
  • Service may be made from any point behind the end line, but within the sidelines.
  • If there are antennas, the ball must cross inside of them. If there are no antennas, the ball must cross inside of the poles supporting the net.
  • A player may contact the ball with any part of the body.
  • You may not set (overhand pass) the ball across the net. Exception: in quads, setting the ball over the net is permitted.
  • The current USVBA indoor rules will be used for quads and doubles except for Men's AA Doubles which will use the rules they most commonly encounter in their tournaments. But most importantly, in Men's AA Doubles - no open hand receiving and the BLOCK counts as the first hit.
  • When dinking or tapping the ball, the ball must be cleanly hit with the heel or palm of the hand (roll shot), with straight locked fingertips (the cobra), or knuckles (camel toe). Open-hand placement is prohibited.
  • Players may cross the center line below the net provided there is no interference with opponents. A player may enter the opponent's court fully beyond the center line. Incidental contact with an opponent is ignored unless such contact interferes with the opponent's opportunity to play the ball.
  • Coed Double serving rule: Males must serve to males.
  • Quads note: The rotation rule is only in effect for serving. After the serve, a player may play any position. A girl does NOT have to touch the ball.
  • Players may not play for another team.
  • Subs must be on your roster 48 hours prior to playing. No pick up subs allowed. New subs must be approved by league officials. Subs are not allowed to sub "down", but you can sub "up". ie If you are a AA player, you cannot sub on A or BB teams, but if you are playing BB, you can sub on A or AA teams.
  • The ball of choice is the AVP Ball, which, at this time, is still the WILSON. If a WILSON is not available, a ball that is agreed upon by both team captains will be used. If the team captains can not agree on what ball to use, then the ball that will be used will be determined by the League/Tournament Director.