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Players Looking To Sub
FirstName LastName ContactInfo SkillLevel Position Experience Detail
Joshua Frey Email:
Cell: 4849474913
Work: 4849474913
Home: 4849474913
Alt Mail:
AA/A Not Setting I played 4 years of college club. I didn't play any HS. I haven't played in over a year and would like to get back into it this summer. I played middle and I'm 6'3". I am free any night of the week. I would play anywhere from BB-A and possibly some AA. I don't mind playing quads and/or co-ed.
John Oleski Email:
Cell: (717) 319-2598
A Any I am an active 38 year old male with above average set, bump and serve skills. I have played in a variety of mens and coed doubles and quad teams over the years and I play well with others. I live local and can typically participate with little notice. Looking forward to playing with you. Would sub for any level or combination team.
Brad Shultz Email:
Cell: 717-576-2950
Home: 717-939-1626
A Any Played in Hbg YMCA indoor co-ed league from 1998-2003, Harrisburg area church outdoor league (co-ed) from 2002 to 2005, and city island men's quad league (A-BB)from 2009 to 2013 I am 5'11, 43 yrs old male and looking to play whenever possible since my team broke up 2 yrs ago, have typically played in a rotation so never specified a position (versatile)
Benjamin Burns Email:
Cell: 717-307-8813
AA/A Any Played indoor all my life and while in the Military. Played a lot of Sand in Vegas. I can play doubles or 4's. if you need a good solid all around player i'm your guy! Moved back to the area in Aug, so just want to play as much as i can.
Kaitlyn O'Connor Email:
(630) 6754450
Alt Mail:
AA/A Any I played Club Volleyball through high school and 1 year of Division III Volleyball in College as a DS/L (I'm 5'3). Have also played in a couple sand leagues Available any of the nights, I'm new to the area and I can play at any level, but a good fit would probably be A. Looking to play back row.
Sarah Trujillo Email:
Cell: 717-357-3235
Alt Mail:
AA Any I started playing ball again 2 years ago after not playing for quite a few years. I played all around in high school and club ball. I was an OH, DS and third string setter when needed on a rare occasion. I am at the AA/A level. I started playing in tournaments again for the first time last year and I plan to play more this summer and I would like to have more opportunities to touch the ball in between tournaments. I am open to playing quads or doubles at the AA/A or BB Div I level. Women's or Coed. I am 36 and 5'4. I remain active and workout regularly. I can sub any night. A day or so notice is helpful although not required. Please feel free to contact me if you need a sub.
matt depaoli Email:
Cell: 717-559-5336 (text only)

A Any Played college club ball, and currently play in indoor leagues all year. In the summer I usually play grass tournaments but I enjoy playing on sand. I am an all around player who enjoys making hustle plays. I can sub most nights of the week if free, and would gladly play any level/quads/doubles/coed! Enthusiasm will not be lacking!
justin lamey Email:
Home: 570-660-8740
Alt Mail:
BB Any This is my second league. I have only ever played recreationally. I am looking to get into playing more regularly and more serious. I am currently on a coed quads team. I am trying to get better. If you need a spot for quads or doubles let me know. I might not be the best guy but I am willing to learn.